Passes x Fanhouse: Claim your account

Passes x Fanhouse: Claim your account

Fanhouse Fans and Creators can now claim their old content on Passes! We've also built about a dozen new features in the last week at the request of Creators. If you have a great idea, reach out to to let us know.

The steps below work for both Fans and Creators.

To claim your account on Passes:

  • Make an account on Passes at Use the same email as your Fanhouse account. If you signed up for Fanhouse with your Apple ID, please skip to the next section.
  • If your emails match, you will be offered the chance to claim your content. Click the pink text.
  • Wait 20 minutes for your messages & content to migrate over. Enjoy!
  • If the previous steps don't work, go to (replace 'username' with your specific username. For example, You'll also be able to claim your account there.

Claiming an account with an Apple ID:

  • If you signed up for Fanhouse with your Apple ID, your email-on-file will look like '" Apple seems to be having trouble forwarding emails via their private relay addresses.
  • To claim your content, make a new Passes account (at with a random email and username (nothing has to match with your Fanhouse account).
  • Once you've made a Passes account, email with your Fanhouse username and your new Passes username. We will manually connect the two accounts.
  • Once we manually claim your account, your Passes account will automatically have the same username as your Fanhouse.

Some reminders for Fans:

  • Fans will see all of their old messages (text & media in the Messages tab) and unlocked wall posts (in the Gallery tab).
  • After claiming their accounts, fans will only see their old content from Creators who ALSO claimed their Fanhouse account. In other words, both sides have to claim in order for the content to migrate. Fans should tell their favorite Creators to claim their content on Passes (and remind them that Passes has lower fees and more features than any other paywall platform)!
  • Fans will not be prompted to pay for a Membership until the end of whatever subscription cycle they were on with Fanhouse. For example, if you had a subscription on Fanhouse that ended August 17, you would be able to enjoy that Creator's content on Passes without paying until August 17.
  • Fans should add their credit or debit cards to Passes after they claim their account so they can continue to unlock content.
  • Fans are welcome to join our Passes Discord!
  • Credits for Fanhouse "coins" will be introduced in the next two weeks for Fans who had coins at the time of migration.

Some reminders for Creators:

  • Creators will see all of their previously uploaded content in their Vault.
  • Creators will automatically have a Membership tier called "Fanhouse Membership" that unlocks all of their migrated wall posts.
  • International payouts will be live by August 13th.
  • Creators are welcome to join our Passes Discord!

If you run into any issues, email with your username, email, and a short description of your problem.