Introducing Creators+

More features in 2024!

Introducing Creators+

We’re excited to announce Creators+ on Passes. 

We’ve built dozens of features over the past year at your request, including anti-screenshot technology, SMS text messages, free trials, and more. These features have made Passes the most powerful platform for fans and creators to interact. And we’ve done it all while keeping our platform fees HALF of the industry standard. 

Unfortunately, these features can be computationally heavy and expensive to run. We intend for Passes to be around forever, so we are making changes to become profitable. 

Starting in 2024, we are dividing our features into two tiers: 

  • Starter 
  • Creators+

Starter has the same fees as today— 10% + 30 cents per transaction. It still has more features than any other paywall platform & the lowest fees. 

Creators+ unlocks all of our computationally heavy features at the industry standard rate of 20% per transaction. 

This will help us support our engineering team, help us hire more customer support, and continue growing with you all.

Don’t worry – you can keep your fees at the rate they are right now if you want to. All creators that signed up for Passes before 12/25/23 will receive Creators+ at the Starter rate (10% + 30 cents) until 2/1/24.

After that, each creator can choose which tier they want to use.

Starter Creators+
Existing features
  • Mass Messaging
  • Multiple Membership tiers
  • 1:1 fan video & voice calls
  • Advanced analytics per post/DM
  • Voice notes
  • Scheduler
  • Lists
  • Autotagged content in vault
  • Welcome Messages
  • Livestreaming
  • Post Categories
  • Discount codes & free trials (one at a time)
  • Everything in Starter

  • SMS text notifications for fans
  • Watermarking
  • Sorting advanced analytics by earnings & conversion
  • Screenshot blocking technology (DRM) on videos
  • Variable names in DMs
  • Fan info notes in messages
  • Multiple discounts & free trials
  • Smart blocking
  • Flagged names
Upcoming features
  • iOS and Android app
  • Wishlist
  • Ad revenue split
  • Brand deal marketplace
  • Everything in Starter

  • Message non-followers (for discovery)
  • Read receipts
  • Screenshot blocking technology (DRM) on photos
Platform fees (per transaction)
  • 10% + 30 cents
  • 20%

When will this take effect? 

Creators who joined Passes on or before December 25, 2023 will get access to Creators+ at the old rate (10% + 30 cents per transaction) until February 1, 2024. On Feb 1st, Creators will automatically be enrolled in Creators+ and can downgrade to Starter if they want.

What if I came from Fanhouse? 

Your discounted platform fees will continue until the original end date! Then you’ll be automatically enrolled in Creators+ and can downgrade to Starter if you want.

Will this affect fans? 

No. Regardless of what tier you choose, your fans will still be able to message you, unlock content, and subscribe to your memberships. 

Can I switch between Starter and Creators+? 

Yes. You can switch between the two tiers in Settings at any time. 

20% seems like a lot!

OnlyFans, Fanfix, and Fansly all 20% per transaction and still have fewer features than Passes Starter (~10%).

The Passes team could not be more grateful for the past year. In our first 12 months, we’ve had the pleasure of working with almost 1,000 creators, who have earned almost $10m. We’re on track to pay out over $50m in 2024. 

To every creator who took a chance on our scrappy team building a safer and sleeker creator economy– thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Our roadmap for 2024 is very busy, and we’re not slowing down. As always, please share your feedback and suggestions with us in our Discord or via email (