Message Templates

Let's say you sent an almost-perfect mass message, but now want to tweak something in the message (like updating the media or changing the caption or price).

You can use an old mass message as a template.

How do I find my old mass messages?

  • Go to Analytics 👉 Messages
  • Find the specific mass message you want to use as a template. You can hover over the Text and Attachments columns to see its full content
  • Click "Actions" in the last column.
  • Click "Use Message as Template." This will take you back to the Mass Message page, with the same text, attachments, and price as the last time you sent it out!

Does this resend to people who already bought it?

No. It is impossible for fans to double-buy content on Passes, as long as you are using the same media file in your vault. If you try to resend a mass message with content to a fan that already bought it, the message will skip them.