Introducing Passes Premium+

Introducing Passes Premium+

Hi everyone! We're super excited to announce Passes Premium. When we built this product, we were trying to answer this question: What is the best way to drive discoverability of new creators to fans?

Our product is unique in that in order to see the best content, fans need to pay. This means discoverability is harder. Most people aren't going to pay $10/mo to see a creator that they don't know.

We eventually decided a model similar to Spotify would work best. Via a premium subscription, we make it easy for fans to discover new creators. And every time a fan messages a creator, we make sure the creator gets paid still ($1/message).

This allows the fan to get to know the creator and decide if they want to spend more money. We also allow creators to offer free memberships to passes premium users.

These users are larger spenders, and this allows them to get a taste of each creator's content. And spend more if they like what they see.

We're really excited to connect more fans and creators together.

To opt out of being featured on the explore page and offering $1/message DMs, turn on the toggle on this page.