Passes announces $40m Series A

Passes announces $40m Series A

I’m excited to share that Passes has raised a $40m Series A led by Bond Capital, with Mood Rowghani joining Passes’s board. We’ve also had some incredible people join or double down on this round including Ramtin Naimi (Abstract Ventures), Michael Ovitz (founder of CAA, Crossbeam Ventures), Emma and Jens Grede (founders of SKIMS), Alexandra Botez (professional poker/chess streamer), and more.

When we launched 14 months ago, our goal was to create a meaningful income source for creators via our subscription and CRM product. Since then, creators have bought houses, paid off loans, and quit their jobs. We’ve paid out tens of millions of dollars. Several creators are on track to make over $1 million per year.

These success stories reaffirm our belief that we are at a turning point in the creator economy. Brand deals are unpredictable. Algorithms are constantly changing. Creators, more than ever, are looking for a way to directly connect with their fans (and vice versa).

With this financing, we will accelerate our vision of turning creators into entrepreneurs. Our first product helped creators scale their engagement with their community, turning fans into superfans. Our next products will add additional revenue streams for creators.

To execute, we’re growing our engineering, operations, creator support, marketing, and sales teams. If turning creators into the next billion dollar companies sounds interesting to you, check out our careers page.

This is just the start.